Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to make Pickled Jalapenos Rings

February is going to be an exciting month for us. We have Super Bowl Sunday (Go, 49'ers!) Valentine's Day is just around the corner (a special day, because that's when my husband proposed to me), and then we're headed to Maui for a week of snorkeling, and sight-seeing.  I am counting the days!

Last weekend, I decided to do some housekeeping on my thousands hundreds of food photos I've taken.  During that process, I discovered no less than twenty-seven recipes that I never got around to sharing with you.  Now, that I created a separate file folder labeled "To Be Posted", here's the first one that I made a year ago.

The funny thing is, I'm not a football fan. Over the years, I've made Super Bowl Sunday a time for me to spoil the men in my life. It warms a mom's heart, to watch her one-and-only child and his stepfather watching "The Game".  Usually, our SB Party guest list is just the two of them-- and mom, cooking while the game goes on and listening to them screaming and jumping up and down. This year, two very dear friends have relocated from Rhode Island.  That's a perfect excuse for me to bake a cake, don't you think?

I tend to watch the Super Bowl commercials.  I can't help myself. It's cheap comedic entertainment, and lasts only a few more minutes. Then, I go back to flipping through magazines, refilling the chip bowl or surfing the internet.  I'm such a girlie-girl.

I keep the Super Bowl menu pretty simple, and I make what the men love.  The usual-- plenty of chips, guacamole (my favorite), chili con carne (post coming soon), and a new recipe or two.  Like these Quick Pickled Jalapenos.   If I'm going to make Cheese Nachos, then these seem like a traditional garnish, right?  This could not be simpler to make-- especially since I stocked up on Jalapenos to make my Quick Salsa recipe.

All you need to do is mix sugar, salt, white vinegar, water and oregano into a pot. Bring it to a boil, add sliced jalapenos, and crushed garlic cloves,  and turn off the heat.

However, I want to give you fair warning.  If you have a habit of leaning over to smell whatever it is that you're cooking-- this is one recipe where you don't want to do that. Whoa!  I did just that, and my sinuses were immediately cleared!  It brought tears to my eyes, a year ago, but I still remember it.

(I wish that the beautiful bright green color would last, but that just isn't possible.)  Let them cool a bit-- about ten minutes or so.

Using tongs, pack a clean Mason jar (I used an 8 oz jar) with the peppers and then fill with the brining liquid.  Cover tightly and keep them refrigerated.  These lasted for a couple of weeks. So, there you have it-- Make-It-Yourself-Pickled-Jalapenos!  It's as easy as Make-It-Yourself-Taco-Bell-Taco Sauce.

TASTING NOTES:  Are these hot?  It depends on your tongue.  To me, they were pretty hot, and I'd need a fist full of Tums to survive these.  But, to my men, they loved them.  Like I said, Super Bowl food is all about what my football fans love to eat.   These aren't water canned, which means I didn't sanitize the jar and lids, nor did I get a good vacuum seal.  That means, don't leave them on a pantry shelf or on the counter for too long.

So, why am I rooting for the San Francisco 49'ers?  There is a piece of my heart in San Francisco. I'm just a two-hour drive away, and this City is very near and dear to my heart.  Truthfully, I'm always looking out for the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials.  I'll always be an Equestrian at heart.


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Big Dude said...

I've been growing and pickling sliced jalapenos for about 20 yrs and never considered anything but salt, vinegar, water but I will have to try a little oregano in the next batch.

Joanne said...

I'm totally not into football either but the boyfriend is and he LOVES jalapenos. Totally making these for him!

Sippity Sup said...

It's funny you should be doing this. I am "pickling" some in tequila as we speak. GREG