Monday, March 26, 2018

Braised Brisket and Vegetables

I absolutely love my InstantPot, and I use mine several times a week. But, there are lazy Sundays when I enjoy putting my Dutch Oven to work.  Braising meats, in liquid, low and slow for several hours tenderizes meat until it's so tender that you don't really need a knife.

 We have made slow-grilled  brisket on the Weber (husband's favorite), and my personal favorite "Kansas City Style Burnt Ends" .  However, brisket is a perfect cut of meat to slow braise in the oven, and this is a new recipe that I saw on "The Pioneer Woman" show on Food Network.

This recipe is somewhat like my Pot Roast (adapted from the same show).  To build flavor, you have to make sure that your meat is patted very dry. Turn your oven-proof pot up as to high and sear that chunk of brisket until it's nice and brown on both sides (a few minutes).

I cut up onions and carrots nice and chunky. I passed on the parsnips because I haven't really bonded with that vegetable.  Once I removed the brisket all that beautiful "brown stuff" (fond) turned the onions a golden color and I sauteed the carrots for a few minutes.

For the braising liquid, I used beef broth, red wine, tomato paste, a little soy sauce and some brown sugar. I picked some fresh rosemary and thyme from our garden and toss that in.  Into a 300F oven it went.  Then, I puttered around the house, read my email, read a magazine and enjoy the aroma wafting from our oven.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie

Yes, I am back from my food blogging hiatus!  I'm glad to be back, and I hope that many of you have stuck around by subscribing to my feed or following me on my Facebook Fan Page. I just had to take a break from social media for a while. I wanted to take the pressure of myself worrying about stats on how many comments or hits this blog of mine receives.  I wanted to come back to food blogging for the joy of it, because I haven't lost my desire to cook and bake new recipes. So, I'm back feeling refreshed with a few recipes I'll be sharing with you.

This luscious Lemon Meringue Pie is the perfect way for me to come back to my blog and tell you that if you love Lemon Meringue Pie as much as I do-- you must make this!  There's a mini-story behind this pie, that has a secret little ingredient that takes this to a new level, Yes, folks, I'm about to blow that secret right out of the water!  The story begins at a restaurant where we live.  My husband and I decided to split a slice of the lemon creme pie that was the special of the day.  The meringue was velvety smooth.  It was not like any classic meringue pie I've ever had, and I was smitten.  The only downer was the crust. It was tough and I just scraped out the pie and its topping. I had to figure out what was in that meringue and I had to make this pie for myself-- with a good pie crust! I went back to that restaurant for a second time, and paid the $8.00 for a sliver of that pie.  The pie crust still wasn't good, but I finally realized what made that meringue so addicting!

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