Friday, December 23, 2016

Old-Fashioned Pecan Pie (No Corn Syrup)

Hello everyone! Hello? Anybody there? Yes, I'm back from my silence in food blogging. I've been cooking (mostly fast and easy) and baking (a lot), but I just needed to take a break from blogging. I'm sure it's cost me a loss of readership, and I regret that. I admire food bloggers who have a full-time job AND who blog on a regular basis. I tried, but after eight years, I decided to focus on my family. Just for a bit. I won't abandon my blog forever!

Speaking of family-- this Pecan Pie was such a big hit at Thanksgiving, that I need to resurrect my blogging mojo and share it with you.  Christmas is just two days away, and if you're wanting to add a holiday pie to your menu, this version change my opinion of Pecan Pie forever!

Don't get me wrong, because I do love pecans!   I usually skip Pecan Pie, or opt for just a sliver-- because I find that the filling is cloyingly sweet and gloppy.  I think it's the corn syrup that's the culprit. I found a recipe from one of my most trusted sources: "Cook's Country", and I liked that maple syrup is used, instead of corn syrup.  Since we use pure maple syrup for pancakes and waffles, it's always on hand. 

I keep an assortment of nuts in my freezer so they don't go rancid. Here we go! First, I toast the pecans for better flavor.

For the filling, we start with brown sugar, heavy cream and a touch of molasses...

... to build a custard-like filling, we add heavy cream, butter, egg yolks and a touch of salt.

I love making pie crusts! There's something satisfying in rolling out the dough, and crimping pie crusts. Here, I've made my favorite kind of pie crust -- Pate Brisee (fancy word for all-butter with a touch of sugar).  In go the toasted, chopped pecans.

I pour the sweet maple-flavored filling into the pie crust...

I can't help but admire my pretty pie crust. Into an pre-heated 450F degree oven (yes, that's correct).

I place my unbaked pies on a baking tray, just in case anything spills over. Once placed in the oven, I immediately reduced the heat to 325F.  The reason for starting the pie in such a high heat, is to make sure that the pie crusts crisps at the bottom (plus, I use a glass pie plate).

It took almost an hour for the pie filling to set, until it's just a bit jiggly.  Now, the waiting begins...for at least four hours!

Natural daylight (my favorite time to photograph food) is long gone, when we finished our Thanksgiving dinner.  So, my iPhone had to do. Here's is the first slice of pie-- and I always hold my breath, hoping that the filling set.

Bam!  Success!

TASTING NOTES:  I've never made Pecan Pie, before. I admit, that it was my lackluster opinion of that pie that made me selfishly deprive my family of enjoying some at my home. The reaction of every single family member means that I'll be making this pie every year.  Truly, this is one of my favorite pie recipes. I know that there are many recipes for pecan pie to be found. This one will become my tried-and-true slice of deliciousness.

SIDE NOTE:  Behind the scenes of my neglected blog and Facebook Fan Page, lurks a woman who still adores cooking and baking.  Now, that I'm on a two-week work break, I plan to get busy posting recipes that remain as unedited photos-- for now.  I don't want to give up my connection to other food bloggers and loyal followers that I've cultivated in the last eight years.  

In a few years, when I finally get to retire (crosses fingers) I'm hoping this blog will have new life breathed into it, and I can resume sharing recipes-- with even better photos, because I'll have more time!

In the meantime-- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
As always, a printable recipe card is at the very end of this post. 

With Love,

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The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Don't worry. As long as you're connected to social media, your fans will still read your blog. I know I read every post you put on your G+ and Instagram. Maintaining a food blog is hard. I found after a few years it got harder and harder to keep coming up with interesting stuff to add to it. After years of trying to innovate, I find myself cooking the same stuff over and over (although a Christmas post is in the works).

Interesting take on pecan pie. It's my husband's favorite. I wonder how he would like a non-corn syrup version. He loves anything sweet, so I might give it a try.

I admire you for taking so much pleasure in making piecrust. I always find it a bit stressful. I'm so obsessed with keeping the texture that I have trouble rolling it out. My crusts are always a patchwork! Still, I can't bring myself to use a pre-made one.

Mimi G said...

So happy to see you back! I'm not going anywhere.....see you whenever you show up. Merry Christmas to you and yours!