Thursday, July 10, 2014

Homemade Banana Pudding-- In A Jar

The best laid plans... yeah. About that. Once a year, my heart rate quickens at the thought of having an entire month off work. Don't hate me. It's without pay, and well earned at the end of a school year. For one whole month, I can turn off my alarm clock. I can catch up on the pile of ironing I hate need to do.  I can swim in our subdivision lap pool. 

Oh! I can blog more than once a week.  Yes, I was going to accomplish all these things.  As the end-of-the-school year countdown began, I had fantasies of making the recipes I've pinned-- greeting my husband with full make-up, a smile and a romantically set table. Didn't happen.  None of it.

What was I thinking when I signed up for a summer class at our community college?!  I've spent almost every day, driving to class and working on my homework.  Next year, I have to rethink this strategy.

 Buy "almost ripe" bananas for best results.

We did manage to make time to spend with some dear friends, who invited us for dinner, at their home. I offered to bring dessert, which was graciously accepted.  I refer to Mr. "D" as our "Southern Gentleman Friend", since he's from Atlanta, Georgia.

Whenever I think of him, I think of Southern recipes. No, I wasn't born in the South. I did, however, spend a few days in Atlanta and Savannah a lifetime ago. To this day, I remember how delicious the food was.  I've never had Banana Pudding (except for that boxed stuff), and I thought this would be a dessert he'd like.  I searched around for recipes and I knew I wanted to make the pudding, from scratch.

Once again, I found the recipe I wanted on Cook's Illustrated's sister website, "Cook's Country" (I subscribe to them). I liked the idea of roasting the bananas, to intensify their flavor.  So, I got to work that morning.

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