Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Burger Sliders (or Mini Man Burgers) with Special sauce and homemade pickles

Last week, Whole Foods had grass-fed ground beef on sale for $3.99 a pound. How could I possibly resist that price for such quality beef? I spotted a bag of potato rolls and I had an idea that Beef Sliders would be fun to make.  I've never made sliders, myself, but I see them all over Blogosphere.  How hard is it to shape mini patties, for Pete's Sake?!  Still, I like to Google and see if anything interesting pops up. Sure enough, Alton Brown's "Mini Man Burgers" recipe popped up.  As I read his directions, I said a silent thank you to Mr. Good Eats.   Here you go, Alton-- here is your version, with my own garnishes:

I grabbed a jelly roll pan and some parchment paper.  I cut a piece of plastic wrap, and a rolling pin.
Roll one direction...

...and another direction. The idea is to roll the ground meat very thin.  Now, it's time to season the meat.  Alton uses onion powder and garlic powder, salt & pepper.  That's fine.  But, I'm enchanted with the Susie-Q Santa Maria seasoning that I've blogged about a couple of times, this month.   I use it on veggies and as my "go to" quick seasoning. No MSG, too.

Sorry, the shot is a little out of focus. But, I wanted to show you the label of the product. If you can find this at your local supermarket, this will become a pantry staple.  Otherwise, go with Alton's seasonings. Or, have fun experimenting. You could season this with a South of the Border Flair-- taco seasoning.  Use Greek seasoning. The sky is the limit.

Now fold each side in, using the parchment paper is helpful. Whatever method you use, don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly when you are finished. The raw meat police is watching.  I realized, later, that cheese could be easily layered as well.  Imagine those possibilities, would you? Feta... Parmesan... Smoked Gouda. But, this time I skipped the cheese.  Grab a pizza cutter, or your favorite cutting tool. I love my metal bench scraper.

One pound of beef makes 8 burgers.  You could easily substitute ground chicken, turkey or even lamb.

Grill each mini burger for 2-3 minutes, per side.

These kind of resemble White Castle Burgers. Only, I think these taste better.  I made a mayonnaise by adding red chili sauce and some sweet pickle relish. For a garnish, I cut a garden tomato and I had the perfect excuse to test drive my homemade Bread & Butter Pickles.

For a side dish, Garlic Oven-Fries  are perfect.

I'll be making these for Super Bowl. But, first, there are a few Friday Happy Hour's until January.  Simple. Easy. Delicious! 

From my kitchen to yours,

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Erin @ EKat's Kitchen said...

Wow - these look great! My husband will love me forever when I make these for him! Great post --- and beautiful blog!


Healthy and Homemade said...

Will have to try these! I love mini sliders because you get the satisfaction of eating more than one without the guilt ;-)

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

Sliders are the best! There's just something about mini food that always pleases! Yours look terrific!

TKW said...

Those sliders look awesome, as do the pickles and potatoes...that's a lucky man, you have.

Joanne said...

You definitely can NOT argue with grass-fed beef that's on sale! Or sliders for that matter. THese are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Deb. These look enticing and very easy to make, what with your clear instructions, as usual.



theUngourmet said...

I love that first shot of your yummy sliders. Bread and Butter pickles are my favorite. Love the sauce and the garlic taters too. Great meal!

Beth said...

I've bookmarked the garlic fries recipe. They look so good!

Kim said...

You are so lucky to have spotted the grass-fed beef. I'm not certain that I've ever seen it in the markets here.

I love little mini burgers Debby and these do look terrific! I'll take at least two of them ;-)

Jen_from_NJ said...

Your sliders look great and the homemade pickles are the perfect complement. We had a similar sale on grass-fed beef at our local Whole Foods but it was only for one day and I forgot about it - I was so mad!

bella (roz) said...

Sliders are the best! One of them gives me just the amount of protein for energy mid-afternoon. I'm going to make these next weekend! Where is the recipe for the oven-baked fries? Those look super too!

Monica H said...

Mini burgers are great. asometimes I like to stick a hunk of cheddar into the center of the burger and as it cooks it becomes nice and melty. so good.

I bet these would be great with the buttery parm rolls you just made.