Thursday, April 16, 2009

Breakfast for Two, Fresh & Organic and very Spring

My husband and I are on vacation for the rest of this week-- well, we are on a "stay-cation". My husband deserves extra T.L.C. and pampering, because he is going to replace the radiator on my Jeep. That will save us hundreds of dollars in repair bills. I tell my hubby that women find Mr. Fix-It's to be sexy. He thinks that's silly, but c'mon, ladies... isn't it wonderful when your husband can fix almost anything? I'm so blessed!

My plans, to show my appreciation, are to make his favorite meals. My first inspiration came to me, when I picked up my box of fresh, organic vegetables from my local co-op ( Every other week, I pick up a box of locally grown vegetables. Last time, I received a beautiful bottle of extra-virgin olive oil-- that I used to make a fantastic balsamic vinaigrette.

What is a C.S.A. box? "Community Supported Agriculture Box". It's a wonderful way to support your local grower, and to feed your family with organic, sustainable products.

This week, I found a really special (and unexpected) treasure-- fresh, fertile and free-range eggs. I was on a waiting list for fresh eggs, since they are very limited. I got so excited, that you might have thought I'd found money!

I cannot think of a time I've eaten a green egg (except for the time I stored an Easter egg for weeks, and then tricked my older brother into eating it). These beauties deserved to be enjoyed to their fullest.

My German heritage kicked into full gear. Some of my fondest memories of visiting Bavaria are the traditional bed & breakfast meals of soft boiled eggs. I absolutely adore eating my eggs soft boiled, but they must be served in an egg cup.

I love kitchen gadgets, and I use them. One of my often-used gadgets is a Salton Egg Poacher, that I bought many years ago, to cook my soft boiled eggs. I love it!

I also have a gadget to cut the tops off my soft boiled eggs-- no more tapping the top of the egg and peeling it. This wonderful gadget, cuts the top of the egg in one firm blow. It's from Zyliss and it's called an "egg topper".To make this breakfast special, I decided to remove (from a display case) an Italian porcelain breakfast setting that my mother gave to me, many years ago. My mother was a very sentimental person, who enjoyed pretty things. I've inherited an appreciation of her fine things, because they have been stored in my home since she passed away in 2003.

I saved her hand-written note that was tucked inside the porcelain jam jar that said "Breakfast for Two". Perfect! I've never used this table setting, and it's high time that I do exactly that:

My 20-year old son is at work. Husband and I enjoyed a quiet breakfast together. He has learned to appreciate the way I serve soft boiled eggs as much as I do.

The yolks were a beautiful deep yellow color. According to the newsletter that came with my eggs:
"...another plus is the renewed growth of the grasses and wildflowers. This is a bonus not only for the chickens-- they love the tender greens-- but for us: you will notice that the yolks are bright yellow."

I have two more eggs left. I also have Swiss chard, cauliflower, red cabbage, sugar snap peas and broccoli that is waiting for me to decide how to enjoy them. Time to surf the food blogs-- but, first... time to jump into my bathing suit. The sun is out, and I've got a lap pool waiting for me.

What a wonderful way to enjoy Spring!

More signs of Spring... our wisteria buds three weeks ago...

Just this week, they are blooming!
Three weeks ago, our rose bushes were budding...

This week, they are showing signs of opening into beautiful rose flowers. I love roses!

As a little "teaser", my tree rose gave me one flower that I didn't notice for a couple of days.

Life is good.

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Wyn said...

Oh that looks so good. The breakfast setting is such a delight, your mother and my mother would have gotten along really well, especially at high tea!


Monica H said...

I looked up my local co-op and there's a waiting list :-( Bummer.

I love freah eggs. I've found some people on Craigslist selling fresh eggs. You should check it out.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE soft boiled eggs. My grandmother used to make them for us as kids. I miss those times.

Happy Spring!

Oh, BTW, I bet Donna can suggest a few ways for you to show your husband your appreciation :-)

Elyse said...

Sounds like such a serene and yummy breakfast. Your egg poacher machine is awesome-looking, by the way!

Culinary Wannabe said...

What a beautiful breakfast!! Such a sweet wife, and a great husband for fixing your car! My husband only knows how to do one thing around the house - pay the handyman!

Simple Simon said...

I thought I would check out your farm fresh eggs after you commented on my blog. Your pictures are beautiful. You make everything look so very tempting!