Friday, January 23, 2009

Santa Maria Style Tri-tip

This recipe has been re-done, updated and revised. 
For step-by-step photos and how to make this, please click here:

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Culinarywannabe said...

I love a good piece a steak, especially when it's a bargain cut! I don't think I've ever seen tri-tip before, but I will be sure to look for it. Love your cute horsie pic!

Larry said...

This looks great - I did a couple tri-tips this past Sat night for a party, and they were the first thing to disappear from a VERY large array of food. Marinated overnight in my dry rub (see, put them on the smoker for a couple hours, finished on the BBQ. Also made a "mop" with the same rub, apple cider, worcestershire sauce and some tomato paste.

You're right - GREAT cut of meat!